Hello There Research specializes in Netnographic social media research, guiding brands, companies and services to tap into already existing customer conversations for insights and connecting the dots back to product innovation, brand positioning and other strategic qualitative research objectives.

Netnographic Social Media Research allows for the researcher to be in-the-moment with real people as they’re experiencing the product or category, often learning things about people that they’re not sharing with their spouses and closest friends.

Favorite objectives for Netnography include:
• Habits and practices
• Unmet needs
• Painpoints
• Category trends
• Target or segment identification and humanization • Ideation inspiration
• Brand positioning
• Benefit articulation in consumer terms
• Jobs to be done

Beyond execution of research, Hello There Research is passionate about training and equipping other researchers in the practice of social media research.  Check out these recent publications:

Give me a shout if you’d like to connect about social media research…I’d love to talk.           


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