Experimenting on the Future

Thursday, September 26, 2019

After a phenomenal 5 year journey at The Garage Group, I've planted myself back here. Over at The Garage Group, I got to conduct research, but more impactfully, I got to coach others in their research practice and build a research function from the ground up. It was the biggest privilege of my career to date.

Codifying a research belief system and toolbox, then coaching and scaling it, forced me to decide what I believe about leadership. I dug in and consumed everything I could get my hands on: Herding Tigers, An Everyone Culture and The Fearless Organization blew my mind. I learned things about myself and others that are life-changing.

I've always applied my research skills to hacking health and so many other interest areas in my life. Neuroscience, nervous system regulation and resilience, how humans can perform their best in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world and many other topics have driven deep curiosity in me.

Emily Chang has been writing about her professional halftime over on LinkedIn and it resonates deeply with where I'm at. Lean Startup had a big impact on me in my last role. I love the rigor and scientific method underpinnings. So, my professional halftime will guided by an experimentation plan that I've drafted to strategically "de-risk" (that's a Lean Startup term) future paths forward. I look forward to sharing more on what Lean Startup can look like, when applied on a personal level!

In the meantime, I'm open to consulting and freelancing. I'd also love to grab coffee and kick topics like these around:
  • Consumer/Customer/Stakeholder Insights
  • Social Media Ethnography
  • Transactional Behavioral Science Market Research
  • Jobs to Be Done
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Deliberately Developmental Organizations
  • Wellness and Natural Product Trends
  • Using Analogs to Drive Divergent Thinking

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