MRMW Pre-Conference Kick-Off

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Market Research in the Mobile World pre-conference sessions kicked off with a great challenge from Kimberley Duncan of Givaudan.  We were tasked with developing a solution that delivers in-the-moment understanding on purchase decisions, influencers and past behavior for a wide range of category-agnostic flavors.

Resulting solutions involved apps and a dashboard that monitors multi-faceted data.  Envisioned apps would intercept in relevant in-store aisles and pose questions to understand purchase decisions, feature a variety of gamified questioning and allow for passive data collection.  The dashboard solution recognized that proprietary app construction would be difficult to maintain (with the ever-changing landscape of popular social media and always flexing research objective needs).  The dashboard would utilize existing data by tapping into APIs and allow for diverse data inputs and mining of past data.

What I appreciated most about the session was seeing how fellow attendees approached solving for the same client-side need.  It reminded me of the value of bouncing method solution ideas off of other colleagues.

To see what’s going on with the conference, check out the #MRMW hashtag on Twitter.


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