MRMW Day One Take-Aways

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Market Research in the Mobile World is still happening, but I grabbed a few moments to capture a couple of quick take-aways from the Day One May 28, 2014 Main Session.

Moving Past Mobile to Human-Centered Method Agnostic
We’ve moved past mobile.  General Mills no longer has a focused research-on-research team to develop mobile – mobile is integrated.  They have their eye on newer things.  In the past, “mobile” was a moniker for new.  It’s what first brought me to “Market Research in the Mobile World" several years ago.  I do mobile research, but I do lots of other new and emerging methods.  Is there still a need for “mobile”-focused innovation?  Of course.  Everything needs to be integrated (see next point), so it's becoming more of a disconnect for us to think about mobile in a silo.

Integrating New and Different Inputs
Five years ago the research world was trying to figure out what to do with the alternative data that social media brings to the table.  Today, the question is about how to tap into other data streams like quantified self and the internet of things to shed more light on behavior without having to directly ask the question of the participant.  Brian Mondry of Kantar cited the core benefit of requiring less time of the participant because we’re getting all of this periphery data to inform (see tweet below).  I have a hunch that the data would spark more questions on the “why” behind the data, but that’s another conversation.  Current quantified self data can be quite broken, but I believe it will improve over time.  For what it’s worth, I’d caution that having data doesn’t make it valuable, similar to how raw sentiment data doesn’t do a whole lot for meeting real research objectives in the social media research world (and actually can do some damage!).  Simon Chadwick of Cambiar talked about how data is now cheap.  Let's do something with the data that makes it valuable to our organizations.  [End game isn't access to Fitbit and wired toothbrush data...what are the valuable insights within?]

The Future Research Team

There’s been lots of talk over the past several years about the evolving skillset for the research team. A quote that seemed to resonate with attendees was about having an information architect as part of the team.  What are we doing about this as an industry?  I'd love to hear how people are doing this - any examples of how it has worked well, or not so well.

That's a quick wrap on a couple of the things I'm still thinking on from Day One.  Thoughts?  Agree? Disagree?  I'd love to hear below.


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  2. Sorry! My attempt to comment was disrupted via mobile! So, trying the old-fashioned way :) Thanks for taking me along with you virtually. I couldn't agree more about the human-centered, method-agnostic approach and it seems to be a recurring theme this week. Yes, to requiring LESS time of our respondents and super excited to try out incorporating supplemental/peripheral data on one of our two upcoming (fingers crossed) projects with Revelation. Safe travels home!

  3. Thanks Mary! Hope all goes well on your Revelation projects!


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