Pre-MRMW North America 12 Interview: Matt Warta

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Continuing in the Pre-MRMW interview series, I got to talk with Matt Warta of GutCheck.  Like many of the innovators in this space, he sees the changing landscape as “a world of possibilities rather than limitations.”

RM: What are you most excited to share about with us at MRMW and why?  What difference could it make for your audience if they were to implement what you’ll be talking about?

MW: As many MRMW attendees know, GutCheck is in the business of providing insights team members with a platform to gain consumer feedback in a matter of minutes.  We are excited to share how our customers are innovating their processes around our technology and getting the answers they need quickly to make business decisions.  

Specifically, we are seeing researchers answering the 100s of business questions that would typically go without the benefit of consumer feedback because of the time and the money typically associated with doing research.  Why is this important?  It allows consumer insights to not only play a critical roll in the handful of big strategic initiatives that are undertaken every year, but it also allows them to play a critical roll on ongoing basis as ad hoc research needs arise.  This has become increasingly hard for these groups to do, as there are fewer resources and shorter timelines.

At GutCheck, we see the beginning of a significant shift for both brands and the agencies that support them to need access to insights more quickly. We think this trend will increase in velocity over the next few years. 

RM: It can be easy to bemoan the state of market research today.  Instead of us talking about what you’re against in the traditional MR space, I’d love to hear about what you’re for – what you stand for – in the MRMW space.  What makes this something you’re willing to stand up for?

MW: One of the reasons MR gets a bad rap is that innovation hasn't kept up with others parts of the organization.  For example, real-time tools like just-in time inventory in the supply chain, or receiving real-time data on a digital marketing campaign are the norm.  Those same tools though don't readily exist in MR, and that absence makes it hard for MR to have a consistent seat at the table when decisions need to be made in shorter and shorter timeframes.  

At GutCheck, we believe in providing real-time access to the people that can help move brands forward.  We think that a world where researchers and marketers can have access to these insights will help them innovate more quickly and further strengthen their leadership position within the organization.

We see the frustrations and challenges of shorter time frames, fewer resources and smaller budgets in the research industry.  However, we also hear clients every day get excited talking about new methodologies and new technologies in research – and how those advancements will help them to become more innovative in their approaches. This is what personally gets us excited every day to get up and help clients move forward.  It’s a world of possibilities rather than limitations.

RM: Thanks, Matt.  See you next week.


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