Pre-MRMW North America 12 Interview: Imran Anwar

Friday, July 6, 2012

This next interview in the pre-MRMW North America 12 interview series is with visionary Imran Anwar.  He’s pushing the boundaries and shaking things up in the market research space.  Here’s more about what he will be sharing in a few weeks.
RM: What are you most excited to share about with us at MRMW and why?  What difference could it make for your audience if they were to implement what you’ll be talking about?
IA: At other conferences, at different times in the past several decades, people have come together to discuss the state of the art. At this moment in time, we are both blessed and challenged, that we can witness, influence, and drive the state of of the world, the state of the industry, and the state of the art... or be left behind. Strategic visionary thinkers who act quickly will win, those who wait to react... sorry, I forget who they are.... is what the world will say when they are mentioned in the future.

RM: What engages your imagination in the mobile research in the mobile world space?  Who or what inspires you?  Why?

IA: This is a juncture in history when the industry that does research over time periods short and long for its clients will have to do something in parallel that will have fundamental impact on its own survival... research and respond in real time to how it, the industry itself, is changing in the face of cloud computing, crowd sourcing, small cost of big data analysis, freemium giveaways of its services by giants like Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, and others, trampling entire industries in the process of competing with each other by giving away such services to win customers. 

RM: What about your vision is most compelling to the folks you interact with?  What aspects, truths or benefits cause them to act on the vision you believe in for the future of market research?

IA: As an anchor on a global news channel said, "Imran educates, enlightens, excites and entertains the audience!" That is especially when I'm storytelling about the future but well connected to the reality people experience today. I am blessed with the ability to present complex future scenarios as easy to understand examples that resonate with audiences, from CNN and Fox News Channel to conferences and keynote speeches. In the market research industry in particular, very few are searching for answers on why something worked well 10 years ago. They want to understand what their clients need to understand. They need to foresee what their clients will actually see in a few years, for both research firms and the client to remain relevant in that future. My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to leap forward in my vision of the future, encapsulate my predictions and foresights into real world examples relevant to my audience today. That helps them SEE it, it helps them UNDERSTAND it, that helps them ACCEPT it, and that helps ACT on it with real world usable ideas and plans, instead of sleeping through pie in the sky concepts preaching visions of the future.

RM: We definitely need folks like you in the market research space.  Thanks for your time.  See you in Cincinnati.


  1. It was a pleasure to share my thoughts with you, and I am excited to speak to your awesome audience.

    Imran Anwar


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