Pause: This is a Privilege.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have to pause mid-way in the Pre-MRMW interview series.  Yes, it sure has been a privilege to get to talk with leaders in the market research industry that are on the cutting edge, in so many different areas. Interesting, eye-opening and fun.

Yep, that's my coffee cup as proof.
But, I'm still doing my day-to-day work.  And, more than getting to talk to people about theory and method, I have to share about getting to listen to and understand people from all across the globe through the internet.  It's a privilege.


Because they share things with me that I think they don't share with even their closest friend, spouse or family members.

Of course it's not with "me" specifically, but with the internet at large.  No matter what the project topic, I always stumble across something so humbling, so gut wrenching, so human that it draws me to tears.  And this time it's in the middle of a coffee shop.  Yep, I'm crying in the middle of a coffee shop.

Sometimes we I need to pause and remember that while we're I'm debating philosophy or method, these are actual people we're talking about...with real problems, real pain and real issues with the topics at hand, no matter how mundane the topic may seem.  I'm thankful that they remind me that this is all real through their heartfelt, honest and sometimes gut-wrenching stories.  For moderators out there that don't believe you can connect to people through online research, I am here to tell you that you can, even when you're not in direct contact.  Don't say I didn't warn you that you may shed a tear at your local coffee shop, though.

Cheers, and back to work!


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