Pre-MRMW 12 Interview: Scott Stein

Monday, June 11, 2012

When I go to a conference, I’m looking for practical things to take back and apply, and Scott Stein hits on just that.  Really, theory is great, but without application, it is useless.  So, here’s my conversation with Scott Stein of QuestBack, who gives a sneak peek of what to expect from his discussion at MRMW 12.

RM: What are you most excited to share about with us at MRMW and why?

SS: For years now, brands have looked forward to strategically embracing the mobile world ‘one day.’ That day is here, and companies now have the technological capability to implement cutting edge mobile marketing strategies. During our presentation, we look forward to sharing the innovative ways in which brands from around the world are reaching out to their mobile clients to capture new insights. We're also looking forward to demonstrating how mobile insights empower marketing initiatives to engage customers, nurture brand advocates, pursue customer-inspired product innovation, and improve overall customer relationships.

RM: What difference could it make for your audience if they were to implement what you’ll be talking about?

SS: This session is not a lecture, but rather a discussion designed to be thought provoking and inspire new ideas that attendees can bring back to the office to share. After attending the session, audience members will have a library of knowledge on what top brands are doing to implement mobile marketing solutions quickly, inexpensively and effectively. They can then inform their own customers on how to develop strong mobile strategies and reach key customers.

RM: What engages your imagination in the market research in the mobile world space? Who or what inspires you? Why?

SS: The newest innovations in augmented reality are a very exciting frontier. Voice control, near field communication / mobile payments and adaptive layouts are all going to change the way that consumers use mobile devices – and thus how brands can connect and engage with customers. For marketers, this will build out multi-faceted layers of customer relationships, including more visible insights around consumer needs, behaviors and opinions.

RM: Thanks for your time, Scott!  I look forward to being part of the discussion in July, and for having some fresh inspiration around what brands are doing in the mobile marketing space.


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