Pre-MRMW 12 Interview: Matt Dusig

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As interview seven of the pre-MRMW interview series, I got to talk with Matt Dusig, who outlines why technology, transparency and agility are key for the future of market research and gives a sneak peek into what he’ll be talking about in July.

RM: What are you most excited to share about with us at MRMW and why?  What difference could it make for your audience if they were to implement what you’ll be talking about?

MD: With smartphone adoption at an all-time high (83,000,000 in the United States), everyone in Market Research has mobile on the tip of their tongue: Mobile surveys, mobile panelists, SMS, push notifications, geo-location, geo-fencing and app installs are just some of the features being discussed. There is vast potential-especially in regards to the validation that mobile offers that desktop simply can’t.

But what does this all mean? What does it take to successfully execute a mobile strategy today? We are excited to share our latest platform, uSamp Mobile, at MRMW, a best in class mobile offering that's already providing mobile insights to clients. WIth uSamp Mobile, you can conduct research that gauges customer experience — at the time that it is happening — providing you with relevant insights and validated, actionable data. Additionally, uSamp Mobile provides you with the tools you need to conduct mobile diary studies, stimulate brand engagement, and measure ad awareness and exposure. Mobile has the potential to reshape the industry as we know it, as it is fast becoming the solution of choice for researchers and marketing professionals looking for instant, onsite feedback from on-the-go audiences. 

RM: It can be easy to bemoan the state of market research today.  Instead of us talking about what you’re against in the traditional MR space, I’d love to hear about what you’re for – what you stand for – in the MRMW space.  What makes this something you’re willing to stand up for?

MD: Since uSamp was founded four years ago, we have always been forward-thinking. We embrace the challenges that technology presents on a daily basis, and see great opportunity in what others might read as disruption. We believe that transparency, technology, and agility will ensure that researchers become an indispensable part of the business landscape,  and bring unparalleled consumer intelligence to the market place. We stand for the power to harness and successfully interpret big data, the sheer volume of such is unprecedented. If we—as an industry—can ban together and embrace this challenge as a great opportunity, we have the potential to advance our profession—and influence the industries that rely on our insight.

RM: Matt, you talked specifically about transparency, technology and agility being key attributes that researchers need in order to be a vital part of the business landscape.  We've talked some about the importance of technology already, and what it does for us as researchers, but what makes transparency and agility important?  I’d love to hear more.

MD: Transparency requires openness and honesty in methodology; at the end of the day, it is about fostering a more trusting community: the more open we are about our practices, the more diligent and meticulous we have to be, the higher quality we can expect from one another. Agility refers to the ability to adapt to disruption. It's not just about reacting to the changes, but proactively seeking ways to work through them, with them, and in them. Let's keep raising the bar and embracing change, and make some #mrx waves together.


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