Pre-MRMW 12 Interview: Alistair Hill

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As part of the pre-MRMW interview series, I got to interview Alistair Hill of On Device research.  I'm particularly excited about how he will demonstrate the new access market researchers are given because of mobile.

RM: What are you most excited to share with us at MRMW and why?

AH: We are exclusively revealing the results of our new research study – International Youth Confidence Index.  The index will reveal how young people are feeling towards the economy, their employment prospects and their propensity to purchase, as well as their overall confidence. For international comparison, the research is taking place across a number of developing and developed markets and will be repeated every month, so trends can be tracked over time. We’re very excited about our youth confidence index, it will provide valuable insights into the confidence levels of the next generation and how it differs across international economies.   
RM: I’d love to hear about what you’re for – what you stand for – in the MRMW space.  What makes this something you’re willing to stand up for?
AH: On Device Research is focused on giving a voice to young consumers, especially those in emerging markets. We connect those hard to reach audiences, using the most relevant research methodology for participants, their mobile phone. On Device Research enjoys providing answers to the client’s complex research questions, especially those which can’t always be answered by using traditional research methods. 

RM: Historically, how has mobile allowed you to get to places that you couldn't reach before?

AH: Young people and people in emerging markets are traditionally a very hard audience to reach. Many in emerging markets don’t have access to a PC/laptop, but the emergence of web enabled mobile devices creates a new route to connect and it makes it much easier, quicker and more cost effective for researchers.

It’s difficult for researchers to engage young people to participate in research, but by using a web enabled mobile it encourages participation as you’re engaging with them on a device that is very personal and highly relevant for them.


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