A Researcher's Facebook Present.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks to Robo Android for the photo
I'm a fan of a fair number of brands on Facebook.  One of them hosted the typical contest where they're giving away something free if folks told them why they loved their [insert product here] in just 3 words.  The comments quickly added up in the thousands.

The comments happen to be consumer-articulated benefits in some of the most creative, meaningful ways I've ever seen.

The company gave away 33 free products.  Now, I'm sure that's much cheaper than focus groups to brainstorm benefit statements.  And, national representation at that.

Often, the brands we're working on as researchers are already doing this sort of thing.  It may have been hosted by a different department (maybe PR) and our research clients might not even be aware.  Don't forget to check out the brand's Facebook page.  And even their competitors.  You may find a free present of your own there!


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