Impacting Real People

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Client Geoff demonstrating the filtration system
One of the more energizing projects I've been part of in the last 6 months involved getting messaging right on a non-profit project that provides safe drinking water for children in poverty.  It was more than refreshing to play a role in literally saving children's lives.

I love a good challenge.  After the first group, it was clear that the messaging wasn't getting the job done.  Thankfully, we had scheduled ample time to rework benefit statements and RTBs (reason to believe).  The second group couldn't have been any different from the first - we understood what needed to be shared.  I am still in shock at how powerful a clearly articulated benefit with appropriate claims can be.  I haven't seen that as drastically illustrated any other time than in this situation.

Doing what we do does make a difference in people's lives.  Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large ways.  Sometimes it's just getting to provide a positive encouraging experience for respondents, where they feel valued or listened to.  Other times it's finding solutions that will physically, emotionally or spiritually change people's lives.  I'm thankful for this crazy role that I get to play in impacting others.

QRCs: what are some of the moments where you've been able to positively impact people through your projects/work?  I'd love to hear...and learn from you!


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