DIY Consumer Answers for Ideation

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I just got out of an ideation session where we used consumer stories to inspire new ideas. As the consumer understanding team member, I saw it as my role to infuse the session with real consumer inputs whenever and however I could. After circling the teams in the room asking, "if you could ask your consumer one question right now, what would it be?" I threw the questions into a DIY MR platform. Within 5 minutes I had open-ended responses from 20 of the target consumers on each question. The answers sparked new thought and ideas that were truly connected to current and relevant consumer problems, not just a static segmentation profile.

So, I'm highly unlikely to drop everything and go DIY-only but I see some great scenarios where DIY can add tremendous value.

Where have you tested out DIY methods and found them to be helpful or hurtful? I'd love to hear!

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